Equality and Diversity Policy

Incorporating Equality Act 2010

Policy Statement

  • Marielle is dedicated to eliminating discrimination, promoting diversity, and providing equal opportunities, as evidenced by our employment policies, procedures, and practises.
  • Our goal is for our workforce to be truly representative of all segments of society, with each individual feeling respected and able to give their all.
  • All employees must work together to ensure that this policy is effective in ensuring equal opportunities and preventing discrimination. Any employee who violates this policy will face disciplinary action, and serious violations will be treated as gross misconduct.
  • All employees will be assisted and encouraged to reach their full potential, and the workforce’s talents and resources will be fully utilised to maximise the organization’s efficiency.
  • To that end, the goal of this policy is to promote diversity and equality in the workplace for all employees,regardless of protected characteristics such as gender, gender reassignment, race, ethnic origin, pregnancy, disability, age, nationality, national origin, sexuality, religion or belief, marital status, civil partnership, or social class. We are opposed to all forms of illegal and unfair discrimination.
  • Part-time, full-time, and temporary employees will all be treated fairly, equally, and with respect. The basis for selection for employment, promotion, training, or any other benefit will be aptitude and ability.

Our Commitment:

Marielle 24/7 Healthcare Services LTD activities must be of high quality and responsive to our clients’ needs, and our employees must adequately respond to our clients’ needs.

• Every employee has the right to work in an environment that promotes dignity and respect for all.

• To ensure that Bellcare complies with the provisions of various Codes of Practice and fulfils its legal obligations under equal opportunities legislation.

• To create an environment in which individual differences and the contributions of all our employees are recognised and valued as good management practices and sound business sense.

• Violations of our diversity and equality policy will be considered misconduct and may result in disciplinary action.

• The policy will be monitored and reviewed on an annual basis.