Why Us?

We believe that service users should be provided with a safe service. This includes being assured that the staff employed to care for them are suitable for work with vulnerable adults to keep them safe. Every employee goes through a robust way of selection for us to meet the needs of the clients. We are committed to this in relation to Disclosure and Barring Service checks (DBS). We employ only professional caregivers who are experienced, compassionate, reliable and truly have a passion for caring for others, and our comprehensive training and continuing education programs ensure that our caregivers are uniquely qualified to deliver the highest level of service to every client.

Record keeping is an integral part of our staff and services users. It is essential to the provision of safe effective care (NMC 2009). The approach to record keeping that courts of law adopt tends to be that “if it’s not recorded, it’s not done,” we at We adopt NMC code of conduct record keeping; good record keeping helps to improve accountability and show how decisions related to patient care were made. We have a record keeping, documentation and confidentiality policy, which can be easily accessed by our staff.

We have privacy and dignity policies to ensure staff understand how to respect people’s privacy, dignity and human rights. Before we provide services, we ensure that a potential Service User’s needs and preferences are thoroughly assessed. We supports the model of “person centred care” which supports active involvement of patients and their families in the design of their care models and in decision-making about individual options for assisted care. To ensure that the care We provides meets the assessed needs of each Service User, we have continuing healthcare nurse specialists that continually evaluate the needs of service users.

We believe that service users have the right to make decisions about their life and should have the right to give their informed consent in relation to care, treatment, personal, and financial matters only where a service user “lacks capacity” in relation to these issues we will take steps to ensure that consent is gained from the service user’s representative and that decisions are made in the service users’ best interests. In all cases we will ensure that complaints and concerns shall be treated seriously in a sensitive and confidential manner. We will use concerns and complaints as an opportunity for learning or improvements as part of our lessons learned methodology. We will improve the service by learning from adverse events, incidents ,errors and near misses that happen, the outcome from comments and complaints, and the advice of other relevant bodies where this shows the service is not fully compliant.

We assure the delivery of high-quality, person-centred care, support, learning and innovations to promote an open and fair culture. This means that management and leadership encourage and deliver an open, fair, transparent, supporting, and challenging culture at all levels. The management is responsible for ensuring that the service implements its “equal opportunities” policies and promotes a non-discriminatory service and staff in compliance with the Equality Act 2010. The manager will ensure that all staff and service users are safe whether as part of the daily work or whilst going about their daily lives. This will be achieved by ensuring that the environment and working practices remain safe and are compliant with current Health and Safety legislation, including the Equality Act 2010. The Manager will ensure that service users’ rights are known by the staff and made copies given to service users and their representatives. These rights should identify the area in which service users are empowered and supported to express themselves in a way which does not discriminate on the grounds of age sex, religious persuasion, sexual orientation, racial origin, cultural, marital status, disability or linguistic background they may have.

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