Privacy Policy

We have made a number of our key policies and company documentation available for your review.

These are made available for you so that you can appreciate our ongoing commitment to upholding high standards in service provision, equality, and the personnel we employ.

  • Marielle 24/7 Healthcare services LTD supports your CQC compliance under the care act 2014 and the health and social care act 2008 (Regulated Activities) Regulations 2015.
  • Our Policies & Procedures are fully customised to you as required by the CQC.

Quality Management Policy

Based on the principles of UKAS ISO 9001: 2008

Marielle 24/7 Healthcare services LTD has a long history in the healthcare industry, working with Councils and Local Authorities on projects. We believe that training and continuous professional development play an important role in the company’s philosophy, which, when combined with quality translation, provides our clients with peace of mind.

To further improve the Company’s efficiency and maintain client satisfaction, we are aiming for UKAS ISO 9001:2008 certification in 2011.

The implementation of the Quality Management System has established the guidelines within which staff can perform the tasks assigned to them in a consistent manner, and by which they will be made clearly aware of the Managing Director’s expectations in terms of their methods and performance standards.

The Quality Management System is the physical manifestation of our corporate policy of providing high-quality services that meet our clients’ needs in an efficient and cost-effective manner.



Marielle 24/7 Healthcare services LTD is committed to:

  • Achieving and maintaining a high level of excellence in business operations.
  • Upholding our reputation for honesty and integrity, and ensuring that it is reflected throughout the organisation.
  • Providing adequate resources and equipment to ensure that we can operate in accordance with the documented management system. The management system is founded on the principles of the International Standard for Quality Management Systems, UKAS ISO 9001:2008.
  • Ensuring that our quality management system provides a framework for the management and control of our Quality, Environment, and Health and Safety activities. It also aids in the establishment and revision of the company’s strategic objectives.
  • Ensuring that senior management fully supports all company policies and procedures.

Complaints Policy

Our complaints policy meets the requirements that are set out by the Care Quality Commission.

Policy and Procedure for Complaints

All Home Care Providers in England are required by law to ensure that the care they provide meets government quality and safety standards.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) registers caregivers who can demonstrate that they meet government standards. The Care Quality Commission (CQC) is England’s independent health and adult social care regulator.

Complaints relate to Outcome 17. Marielle 24/7 Healthcare services LTD Complaints Policy meets the requirements.

Marielle 24/7 Healthcare Services LTD – Outcome 17 Complaints


  • Individuals who use our services can be confident that their comments and complaints will be heard and addressed effectively, and that they will not face discrimination as a result of filing a complaint.

By complying with the regulations, Marielle 24/7 will:

  • Have systems in place to deal with comments and complaints, including providing information about that system to people who use services; and Support people who use services or others acting on their behalf in making comments and complaints.
  • Consider all comments and complaints thoroughly, respond appropriately, and, where possible, resolve them.

Marielle 24/7 Healthcare Services LTD: Policy on Compliments and Complaints

Marielle believes that if a Service User wishes to make a complaint or register a concern, they should be able to do so with minimal fuss and with the necessary paperwork in place.

The Registered Manager handles all complaints, which are filed in the Complaints/Compliments file, with the action taken and the outcome of the complaint/concern recorded.

Marielle also takes great pride in the work our staff does and the quality of care they provide to our Service Users, and this pride is sometimes rewarded by compliments from Service Users or their families on the care they or a family member has received.

The Registered Manager receives all compliments, which are then copied and distributed to the appropriate staff members, with the original file in the Complaints/Compliments file.

In some cases, compliments are received over the phone, after which the Office Manager takes note of the conversation and copies, distributes, and files it.


Marielle 24/7 Healthcare Services LTD: Complaints Procedure

The following procedures are set out to enable Service Users who have a complaint or a concern to bring these to Marielle’s attention.

Oral / Written Complaints

  • All formal and informal complaints will be recorded, investigated, and the person who made the complaint will receive a formal written response.
  • If a Service User complains to a care worker and the care worker is unable to resolve the issue immediately, the Registered Manager/Care Manager will be contacted.
  • If the complainant is dissatisfied with Bellcare’s handling of the complaint, they will be advised to contact the Care Quality Commission and given the necessary contact information.
  • If the complaint is in writing, the Registered Manager/Care Manager will send out a complaints/grievance form to ensure that all complaints are formatted consistently. The Registered Manager/Care Manager then arranges a meeting to try to resolve the problem; all action taken is documented and filed in the complaints file.
  • If the complaint is minor, the Registered Manager/Care Manager will talk the problem through with the complainant and suggest a course of action to resolve the complaint; if this is acceptable to the complainant, the course of action to be taken will be put in writing, signed by both the person making the complaint and the recipient of the complaint, and will be filed in the complaints file.
  • If the complaint raises potentially serious issues, legal counsel will be consulted.
  • The Registered Manager monitors and evaluates all complaints and outcomes, which are assessed as part of the Quality Assurance process and, if necessary, influence change in future practice.


All complaints are handled within the timeframes listed below. If there are serious issues that require legal advice or involve the Care Quality Commission, these timeframes may be extended, but Marielle 24/7 will keep the complainant updated on a regular basis, which could be daily or weekly.

  • Marielle 24/7 will acknowledge a complaint within two days of receiving it, whether written or verbally.
  • Within five days, Marielle 24/7 will launch an investigation.
  • Within 14 days, all complaints will be addressed and meeting arrangements will be made.
  • Marielle 24/7 will make every effort to resolve any complaints received within 28 days; however, if this is not possible, the complainant will be informed that they can contact the Care Quality Commission.

Marielle 24/7 will not hesitate to involve the police, local social services, or any other professional body in serious complaints.

Health and Safety Policy

Marielle is dedicated to ensuring the health, safety, and well-being of our employees, customers, contractors, and visitors.

Marielle 24/7 Healthcare Services LTD Health and Safety Policy Based on the principles of OHSAS 18001

  • Marielle is dedicated to excellence in health and safety, as well as the protection of our people, property, and the environment. We are dedicated to the health, safety, and well-being of our employees, contractors, and visitors.
  • We establish and maintain high health and safety standards that aim to match or exceed current industry best practices. In accordance with the principles outlined below, we meet these commitments by implementing a comprehensive health and safety management system and continuously improving both the system and our performance. We provide the necessary leadership, management support, communications, and resources.
  • Marielle understands that we have legal obligations to the health and safety of our employees, customers, and members of the general public who are affected by our activities.
  • We will strive to follow not only the letter but also the spirit of current health and safety legislation and approved codes of practice.
  • We incorporate health and safety concerns into all aspects of our operations. We recognise that world-class health and safety performance provides a quantifiable competitive advantage.

Marielle is committed to:

  • At the very least, meeting all relevant Occupational Health and Safety legislation and guidelines, and in most cases far exceeding any requirements in order to prevent injury and illness.
  • Providing adequate resources and equipment to ensure that the Company can operate in accordance with the documented Management System across all business functions, which conforms to the requirements and principles of BS-OHSAS 18001:2007 and is appropriate to the nature and scale of the company’s occupational health and safety risks.
  • The Management System will serve as a framework for developing and revising Occupational Health and Safety Objectives.
  • Making sure that all employees are aware of and understand this policy, as well as their individual Occupational Health and Safety obligations.
  • Employees must be fully committed to health and safety in order to protect themselves, their coworkers, and others who may be affected by their activities.
  • Communicating the requirements of this Health & Safety Policy to all subcontractors employed by the Company or any other interested parties, and requiring them to meet the same objectives in all respects.
  • Conducting risk assessments on all relevant activities and fully documenting and implementing control measures to achieve satisfactory results.
  • Ensure that all personnel are trained to the highest standards for any duties they are required to perform, as well as for any eventualities that may arise, as detailed in the Company risk assessments. Communicating the importance of employee health and safety is critical to the success of the business.
  • Assuring that the Company will take all reasonable precautions to protect the health and safety of its employees and anyone else who may be harmed by its activities. Continually improving its Occupational Health & Safety Management System and overall health and safety performance.
  • Our Health and Safety Policy is monitored and reviewed to ensure that it meets the company’s legislative requirements, health and safety objectives and targets, and that it remains relevant and effective to our business’s and customers’ changing needs.

Recruitment and Selection Policy

All Home Care Providers in England are required by law to ensure that the care they provide meets government quality and safety standards.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) registers caregivers who can demonstrate that they meet government standards.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) is England’s independent health and adult social care regulator.

Marielle 24/7 Healthcare Services LTDs Recruitment and Selection Policy satisfies the requirements; recruitment and selection are related to outcome 12.


Marielle 24/7 Healthcare Services LTD : Outcome 12

Requirements Relating to Workers

Individuals who use Marielle Services are safe, and their health and welfare needs are met by staff who are physically and mentally fit, appropriately qualified, and capable of doing their job.

Marielle will comply with the regulations by:

Having effective recruitment and selection procedures in place.

  • Carrying out relevant checks when we employ staff.
  • Ensuring that staff are registered with the relevant professional regulator or professional body and are allowed to work by that body.
  • Refer staff who are deemed unfit to work in health and adult social care and meet the criteria for referral to the appropriate bodies.

Policy on Recruitment and Selection

Marielle places a high value on selecting the most qualified candidate for the job and treating all applicants fairly and equally. This policy applies to all aspects of Bellcare employment.

Marielle’s recruitment principles for all employees are as follows:

Job Posting

Marielle gives employees the opportunity to apply for open positions and advance within the company based on their skills and experience. In general, all regular, full-time, and part-time job openings will be advertised.

Personnel Choice

An application form, job specification, and job description will be sent to all applicants. Only applications submitted on the appropriate forms will be considered.

Equity of Opportunities

All applications will be reviewed in order to monitor the translation of intention into practice. The form will include brief details about each application as well as the reason for inviting some applicants but not others for interviews.


All job offers are made with the understanding that satisfactory references will be obtained for the applicant. One must be from their current or previous employer. If the references are unsatisfactory, Marielle may withdraw the offer of employment without breach of contract.

Job interviews

Job interviews allow Marielle to gather the information it requires about applicants in order to determine who is the best fit for the position at hand. All interviews are conducted in conditions that encourage interviewees to give their best effort.

Vulnerable Adults Protection

Before being permitted to work unsupervised, all Marielle employees are checked against the ISA register.

All Marielle employees are required to have a current CRB check.

Offers of Employment

Marielle and its employees always confirm appointments and employment terms in writing.


Managers conducting interviews should receive basic interview training and be aware of aspects of employment law relating to discrimination and recruitment.

Environmental and Sustainability Policy

Based on the principles of UKAS ISO 14001:2004

The purpose of this policy is to state Marielle’s commitment to environmental, health, and safety excellence, as well as to comply with applicable legal requirements and other environmental requirements to which we subscribe.

Marielle 24/7 Healthcare Services LTD will operate in a way that protects both employees and the environment. We strive to avoid pollution and achieve UKAS ISO 14001:2004 certification.

Our continuous improvement philosophy ensures that our service is dedicated to meeting current customer requirements while also taking into account our customers’ future needs.

We are committed to:

  • We recycle as much waste as we can afford to.
  • Zero waste to landfill.
  • Managing a management system across all business functions and achieving the highest possible environmental, health and safety, and quality performance standards.
  • Following environmental legislation and Codes of Practice in both spirit and letter, while maintaining open communication with all regulatory authorities.
  • Evaluating the environmental impacts of its policies and operations with the goal of preventing pollution, reducing environmental impact, and providing an environmental benefit where possible.
  • Establishing environmental goals and objectives.
  • Attempting to persuade clients and suppliers of materials and services to adopt policies that are consistent with the Company’s.
  • Constantly assessing the environmental policies and performance of our suppliers.
  • Conserving resources and encouraging waste reduction, as well as energy recovery and material recycling where appropriate.
  • Assessing new techniques that will benefit the environment.
  • Educating and motivating our workforce to reduce the environmental impact of their daily work.

Our Environmental Policy is constantly monitored and reviewed to ensure that it meets the company’s environmental objectives and targets while remaining relevant and effective to our businesses and customers’ changing needs.